Explaining the fetal position

what does fetal position mean? The fetal position is how a fetus is positioned in the womb, with their head down, back curved with arms and legs bent up towards the torso. The definition of fetal position is the position of the fetus within the dam. As the baby grows in the womb, it will naturally go into the fetal position due to lack of room in the uterus.

Sleeping in the fetal position requires sleeping on one’s side with knees drawn up toward the torso, studies have shown that although it is the most common sleeping position the majority of people who sleep in the fetal position are women. However, sleeping in the fetal position can cause arthritis and restricted breathing. The positions that individuals sleep in say a lot about their personality and the fetal position is no different. If you sleep in the fetal position, you are more likely to love cuddling, being cozy, and hanging out at home on a Friday night curled up with a good book or having a Netflix marathon.

The people who sleep in this position do it to compress after a long hard day; it is their comfort-zone. In fact the higher the knees and lower the head the more comfort you are giving yourself. Individual’s who have slept in the fetal position the entire night will wake up refreshed and ready to go because they have dealt with the issues of the past day just by curling their legs in and sleeping on their side. The position has also been seen in drug addicts who are going through withdrawal, by curling up in the fetal position they are comforting themselves while going through the withdrawals.